Pool Covers & Enclosures

pool-covers-devonPool Covers

A swimming pool cover provides pool owners with a range of benefits including protecting the pool against heat loss, preventing dirt and debris such as leaves and insects getting in to the pool, preventing accidental entry by children or animals and reducing water loss due to evaporation. Generally you will not need to heat an outdoor pool as long or as often when a pool cover is used. A cover is also essential for winterising an outdoor pool.

From summer and winter debris covers to fully automated in-ground safety covers we can offer a range of above and below ground covers including solar powered motors and different installation options to suit all budgets and pool types. Covers can be custom made to fit your exact pool shape and dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.

Safety Covers

Exeter Pools recommend the use of safety covers especially if young children or pets may have access to the pool area. A safety cover can hold the weight of a person or small animal to prevent them falling into the water and as safety covers are key operated, access to the water can be restricted by the key holder.

Pool Enclosures

Swimming pool enclosures can extend the seasonality of an outdoor pool by several months as they help to keep the pool warm and in turn this helps to prevent evaporation of water and chemicals. They can also save you money on heating costs, help to maintain ph stability by keeping out the rain, dust and insects and provide excellent cover from leaves and debris to keep the pool water clean. Enclosures also prevent children and animals from entering the pool accidentally.

We can provide a variety of shelters to suit budgets and requirements and shelters can be custom built to fit a pool if required.

If you are interested in a pool cover or enclosure please contact us for more details Tel: 01404 870007 or email info@exeterpools.co.uk