Pool Heating

Enhance your bathing experience

A heated pool will certainly enhance your bathing experience. There is a range of heating solutions including energy efficient, low running cost options. Generally the best choice will be determined by the availability of an energy source and running costs and the position of the plant room. Above ground pools can be heated by small portable solar systems whilst larger in-ground pools can be heated by oil, gas, electric and air-source heating units.

Renewable energy systems are becoming the most popular and by far the most economical way to heat your pool.

Air-Source Heat Pump

We generally recommend air-source heating as the preferred method of heating a pool as it provides a very cost efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool. This system is easy to install, efficient and cost effective, typically giving up to 80% of your pool heating completely free. Using the ambient air to heat the pool water as it passes through the pump this system can work even in air temperatures of -15 degrees centigrade. We can offer a range of heat pumps to heat your pool all year round including the new Norsup range with 4year warranty.

Ground Source Heating

Heat is transferred from a buried ground loop to your pool via a heat recovery unit. 50-55 degrees centigrade is required to maintain your pool temperature to around 28-30 degrees centigrade. This system is often used with an Air Source Heat Pump as a back-up.

Solar Panels

Provide free heating for your pool water usually from April to September. Panels should be situated in a completely unshaded area for optimum performance at an angle of 15-40 degrees and they can be positioned at ground level, on a bank, on a suitable roof or on a purpose built structure. Solar panels are connected in line with the filtration system. Customers usually have another heat source to provide back up when required.