Maintenance Services

devon-outdoor-pool-maintenanceMaintaining indoor and outdoor pools

We provide a comprehensive range of maintenance services to care for the needs of all indoor and outdoor pools to save you time and ensure your pool is kept in optimum condition. All of our maintenance services are tailor-made to suit your needs however generally the main elements of a maintenance programme may include one or more of the following:

Swimming Pool Start-Up & Opening

The first treatment of the season is usually the most in-depth but it is essential in order to ensure that you enjoy crystal-clear water all summer long!

Our Start-up pool service includes:

  • Uncovering the pool
  • Pool cleaning
  • pH adjustment and chemical balancing of pool water
  • Chlorine shock treatment
  • Inspection of filtration and heating equipment

Other services including pool surround cleaning are also available.

Swimming Pool Closing & Winterisation

It’s important to remember that the standard of winterisation affects the subsequent start-up procedure and hence the success of your next swimming season.

Our Winterisation Pool Service includes:

  • Chlorine shock treatment
  • Treatment with winterisation products
  • Frost-proofing of the filtration and salt treatment equipment
  • Installation of floats and the winter cover

Swimming Pool Weekly / Monthly Maintenance

Our regular pool maintenance service is customised to suit your pool and your need but it would generally include:

  • Pool cleaning
  • pH adjustment
  • Chlorine adjustment
  • Filter cleaning